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Friday, November 15, 2013

'Breaking Bad' Season 3 (All 13 episodes) Free Download [Links Updated]

Download all 13 episodes of 'Breaking Bad' season 3 for free...
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     Posting all 13 episodes of season 3 of TV show 'Breaking Bad' which was aired on AMC from 13 march to 7 June 2010. I hope you all will like it.

The city of Albuquerque is in shock after the mid-air collision at the end of the second season. Walt tells Skyler about his involvement in the meth business, further putting tension in their marriage. Walt is initially hesitant to take up Gus on a lucrative offer to continue cooking meth in a high-tech secret laboratory, but later discovers that Jesse, out of rehab, has cooked a batch of the blue meth himself using Walt's techniques; Walt, furious, accepts Gus' offer, while leaving Skyler with signed divorce papers that still list him as the financial provider for the family. Skyler refuses to sign the papers, as she herself is in far too deep, but begins to work with Saul, Walt's lawyer, to find a legitimate business to funnel Walt's meth money through to keep the family's take clean.
Hank, despite orders to go to El Paso, follows a tenuous lead on the "Heisenberg" case, and ends up linking the RV and Jesse to the blue meth. Walt quickly races to warn Jesse, but as they are preparing to destroy the RV Hank arrives. Walt, with Saul's help, has Jesse claim rights against illegal searches and draws Hank's attention away, giving them time to crush the RV. Hank is furious and assaults Jesse at his home, leading to his temporary suspension from the DEA while investigation on his behavior continues.
Meanwhile, two assassins from the Juarez Cartel arrive in Albuquerque to avenge Tuco's death. From Tuco's invalid uncle, they are directed to Walt, but Gus holds them off, asserting that Walt works for him. In exchange, Gus gives the assassins the name of Tuco's real killer, Hank. Leaving the meeting where he is officially put on suspension without pay, Hank is warned by an anonymous caller of the imminent attack, and is able to kill one hitman and severely wound the other, though he takes gunfire that leaves his legs paralyzed. With the police investigating Hank's attackers, Gus uses the situation to kill the Cartel leader, Juan Bolsa, and end the Mexican drug pipeline into the area, putting him in control of the meth business there. Walt realizes that the assassins were meant for him and the end goal of Gus' involvement.
Walt is initially very pleased with Gale, the assistant he is given to operate the lab. However, when Walt realizes he needs Jesse back under his control, he claims dissatisfaction with Gale, and is able to negotiate for Jesse to replace Gale. When Gus successfully blocks the Cartel's drug trade, he offers Walt a larger sum to continue to cook, an offer not extended to Jesse. Jesse skims a small portion of the meth to sell on his own, an action that both Gus and Walt are aware of but do not discuss. Jesse has been seeing Andrea through his rehab sessions, but soon discovers that her younger brother Tomas was part of those responsible for Combo's death. Walt is able to convince Gus to end the involvement of children in drug trafficking to assure his continued participation. However, Tomas is soon found dead. Jesse surmises that Gus's agents are responsible and goes to exact revenge, but before they can kill Jesse, Walt arrives and kills them. Walt warns Jesse to run.
Gus secures the lab, reinstates Gale as Walt's assistant, and puts his man Victor into overseeing all the activities that take place. From Gale's questions about the meth cooking process, Walt realizes that Gus plans on killing Walt once he has outlived his usefulness. Meeting Jesse in secret, Walt believes they need to kill Gale to assure Walt is still valuable to Gus as the only meth cook, and has Jesse locate Gale's residence. Some nights later as Walt prepares to kill Gale, he is instead brought to the lab by Victor on the pretense of a chemical spill. When Walt sees Mike, Gus's "cleaner", there, he realizes his time is up, and offers Jesse's current location to save himself. He calls Jesse under the pretense of luring him in, but instead tells Jesse to kill Gale, knowing that Gus's men will not be able to arrive in time to stop it. Jesse goes to Gale's apartment to carry out Walt's request, pointing the gun at Gale as the screen goes to black and a gunshot is heard.

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