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Monday, August 12, 2013

Byomkesh Bakshi [All 32 episodes] watch online

Watch/Download Hindi TV show 'Byomkesh Bakshi' for free...
       Byomkesh Bakshi is a Hindi TV show based on the character Byomkesh Bakshi created by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay for his Bengali detective novels. Highly inspired by the Sherlock Holmes, Byomkesh Bakshi is one of the most successful detective in the Bengali literature. Totally 32 novels were published and 1 novel named Bishupal Bodh is incomplete due to the death of Sharadindu.
      The TV series was produced and directed by highly acclaimed director Basu Chatterjee. Season 1 was aired in year 1993 and season 2 was aired in 1997. Both seasons were shown on Doordarshan's national network. Main characters Byomkesh was played by Rajit Kapoor and Ajit was played by K.K. Raina.

Show title- Byomkesh Bakshi
No. of seasons- 2
Director- Basu Chatterjee
No. of episodes- 34 (spanning 2 seasons)
Based on- 'Byomkesh Bakshi' by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay
Cast- Rajit Kapoor, K.K. Raina, Sukanya Kulkarni etc.
Channel- Doordarshan
IMDB Rating- 7.8/10
Wikipedia Link-


-Season 1 (1993)-

Episode 1 [Satyaanveshi]-

Beard byomkesh comes as Manoj Kumar to investigate the mystery of serial killing in China Town area. He stays in a lodge. Lodge is already full so he shares room of Ajit whome he met first time. Inside room he creates a hole on walls, floor to guess whats happening at other places.

Episode 2 [Raaste Ka Kanta]-

The mystery also known as Gramophone Pin Mystery in which the culprit throws a poison steeped gramophone pin from his bicycle's bell to victim's heart and victim dies immediately.

Episode 3 [Seemant Heera]-

Byomkesh get a money order of rupee 100 with a letter from Kumar Tridenvendra Narayan to reach to their place immediately for some serious and personal issue.

Byomkesh and Ajit reaches there. Tridenvendra first explains about his family history and tell them that his family has a priceless and luck diamond diamond gem named Seemant Heera which is stolen during a exhibition. The gem was stolen by his own uncle Jigindra Narayan who is already a wealthy person. After the theft of diamond her
Kumar Tridevendra Narayan gets letter from his uncle that diamond is stolen by his uncle. Tridenvendra calls Byomkesh to handle this case on a very personal level as it is a very serious family issue.

How Byomkesh gets the gem back from very clever and prudent Jigerndra Narayan to Tridenvendra is the interesting story.

Episode 4 [Makadi ka Ras]- 

Nand Dulal Babu was renowned person of his time. His age is near 55 but because of a strange addiction of Spider Serum has made him looking 70 year of age.

A day while Ajit is walking with byomkesh, meets his very old friend Mohan, who is a doctor. Mohan tells them about Nand Dulal Babu and his addiction because of which he is getting Irascible, Fathead and Cruel day by day. The Serum is a type of drug which is dangerous for him, but doctor as well as Nand Dulal's family members are not able to find the source how he is getting this drug.

Byomkesh is busy, so he give this amenability to Ajit to solve the case. The episode reveals how Ajit tries to find out the source of "Makdi Ka Ras.

Episode 5 [Wasiyat]-

Byomkesh has been asked by the police commissioner to look into the murder of a rich man who's will could be the possible cause of his murder. Although police is convinced that the man's elder nephew is the murderer, Byomkesh is thinking something else. Now due to some turn of events the murder charges come on the person who was the nominee of the whole will, but his sister says that he is innocent and asks Byomkesh to help them. Now what will happen watch it in this episode.
One specialty of this episode: Byomkesh meets his future wife SATYAWATI for the 1st time in this episode.

Episode 6 [Ret ka daldal]-

Episode 7 [Laal Neelam]-

Episode 8 [Bhoot]-

Episode 9 [Agnivaan]-

Episode 10 [Upsanhaar]-

Episode 11 [Tasveer Chor]-

Episode 12 [Kile ka rahasya]-

Episode 13 [Chidiyaghar]-

Episode 14 [Aadimshatru]-

Episode 15 [Aag aur Patanga]-

Episode 16 [Vansh ka khoon]-

Episode 17 [Necklace]-

Episode 18 [Amrit ki maut]-

Episode 19 [Pahadi Rahasya]-

Episode 20 [Anjaana Khooni]-

Episode 21 [Kahin Kavi Kalidas]-

Episode 22 [Adrishya Trikon]-

Episode 23 [Wasiyat ka rahasya]-

Episode 24 [Bemisaal]-

Episode 25 [Balak Jasoos]-

Episode 26 [Chakrant]-

Episode 27 [Paheli Gaatha]-

Episode 28 [Kamra no. 102]-

Episode 29 [Dhokadhari]-

Episode 30 [Saahi ka kanta]-

Episode 31 [Veni Danhar]-

Episode 32 [Lohe ka biscuit]- Last episode

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